Be available 24/7/365 for your customers. Even the smallest business can gain global customers with the help of Ecommerce & its cost efficient methods.

Why Do You Think Customers Choose an E-commerce?

  • Convenient
  • Better Prices
  • Variety
  • Time Saving
  • No Crowd
  • Can compare price
  • Discreet purchases
  • Essential Modules of an E-commerce

  • A shopping cart
  • Payment gateways
  • Custom Search
  • Shipping/ Logistics
  • Membership Management
  • Catalogue & Product Management
  • Tax & Invoice
  • POS – Point Of Sale Software

    Gone are the days where a small notebook was used to bill the products we buy. It was primarily occupied by small cash registers and now replaced by softwares which ease the business of a retailer or a distributor.

    Why There is Need For POS:

  • It helps tracking stock levels as POS has integrated inventory module
  • Simplifies Accounting process
  • Easy to look up or refer past transactions
  • Sales orders, Purchase orders, GRN, Delivery note, Indent creation etc., is very well possible with POS, which automates the business
  • It can cut down on user errors
  • Can be more secured
  • Itemized bills can be made which ill give utmost customer satisfaction
    Maintenance cost is much lower
  • CRM

    As the technology grows, business owners sarted identifying the challenges or problems existing in their business. Every business wants to deliver a flawless service to their clients and to gain more revenue and ofcourse market presence. CRM helps to create, assign and manage the requests of existing or future customers. Its brings a collaboration for emloyess and also the clients which brings more productivity with better results

    Top Benefits Of Having CRM

    Focused Marketing Efforts

  • Automated Analytics and Reports
  • Higher quality Lead generation
  • Pipeline reports can be trusted
  • Performance spots can be identified
  • Increased customer experience
  • Better coordination and cooperation
  • More Administrative support
  • Email and sms campaigns are added advantages
  • Intranet

    Without a window how will a house look like or feel like? Of course, Intranet is a window for employees to communicate any information and occupies a very important part of their attention. Be it an announcement or new discussions, Polls, Outstanding tasks or Rewards & Recognitions, gathering feedback, etc., without INTRANET it will be tiresome and time consuming.


    It increases Productivity

  • Helps in Corporate Communications
  • Streamlining the process
  • Easy collaboration
  • Knowledge Management
  • Features

    Interactive Hub for Knowledge sharing like Forums/Articles/Blogs

  • Employee Directories
  • Seamless Content Management
  • Personal and Professional Profiles
  • Recreation Corner
  • Document Storage
  • Real time Interactive tools like chats
  • HR & Forms {includes Internal Job postings}
  • General company info like, agreements, Table of contents
  • Meeting Hall Booking
  • File Sharing
  • Polls
  • Events